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GWP Medical Services was formed in 2021 by Gareth Ward to deliver medical provisions for events. We are located in Devizes, Wiltshire we but are happy to travel to provide medical cover. We are fortunate to work alongside various prestigious promoters and companies. We offer a range of staff from first responders (FREC), to Advanced Paramedics and Doctors. We have a marked fast response vehicle, ambulances and we also have a covert car if you want a discreet service. 

We also work alongside local CQC approved providers to provide ambulances for your medical needs if transportation is required. We have a pool of very carefully selected and competent staff, and we pride ourselves on reliability and efficiency.

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About the management team 

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I am Gareth, and I am the managing director of GWP Medical Services based in Devizes, Wiltshire. I am an Advanced Paramedic who holds my MSc in Advanced Practice and I work full time within the NHS. I have worked previously in a strategic role within the Clinical Commissioning Group as a clinical fellow introducing support platforms for paramedics joining primary care. I was chosen by Health Education England to be used as a case study for an Advanced Paramedic role as available here. I am an associate lecturer at the University of the South West (UWE). I have spoken at various conferences nationally such as "AHP Massive" and the AAPE conference 2021. 

I am passionate about transformation leadership, and providing high quality and safe medical provisions at events so we can all have a good time. I believe we are one of the best in the South West as we are underpinned by robust governance and utmost professionalism. I have many years of providing medical provisions across festivals, films and equestrian events. 


George - Operations manager

Hi, I am George. I am the Operations Manager at GWP. Like Gareth, I work full time within the NHS as a Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner, I am midway through my MSc and am thoroughly enjoying the development. I have recently started working with Dorset CCG as a Paramedic Fellow supporting new paramedics in primary care. 

I have been working in the medical event industry since 2015. During this time I have covered a huge range of events, including motorsports, horse racing, festivals and sports endurance events. I find working in the event industry rewarding and incredibly satisfying. 

Outside of work I am a proud husband to Nicky, our Operations Coordinator and am kept busy by our toddler. 

Nicky - Operations Coordinator

I’m Nicky, the Operations Coordinator at GWP, I’ve worked with Gareth and the team since October 2021. For the last 10 years my professional background has been in customer care, recruitment and administration, working within the care industry and now part-time as an NHS receptionist in a local GP surgery. 

My husband George is Operations Manager for GWP and also a Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner within Primary Care, as a family we are very proud to work for the NHS and are passionate about providing first-rate care and service to all our clients at GWP.

Outside of work, I am mum to a very talkative toddler called Evie, with our second child on the way.

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